Vital Viral Pro is one of the only tracking software programs that specifically address the unique needs of traffic exchange users.

When you run an advertising campaign you run it with the intention of making money. But how do you know if it is really making you money? Especially if you run more than one ad at a time. (And who doesn’t run more than one ad in one exchange at a time?) Start using a tracking service TODAY and every single dollar you make online can multiply into $2, $10 even as much as $100.

VitalViralPro can be easily used by a completely new internet marketer with a little help from the abundant help videos available. But, with the sophisticated tracking, it is very helpful to the seasoned marketer too. There are three different free membership levels until you are ready for the paid membership levels. (That will not take very long.) It also contains downline builders for some of the more popular traffic exchanges and other helpful sites.

VitalViralPro addresses the major shortcoming of TEToolbox for beginners. This shortcoming is that tracking is very limited to people who do not already have their own websites. They can mostly track where people are viewing their pages and not where people are actually buying or joining. In order to get that tracking the user needs a website and some coding experience in HTML language at least. Vital Viral Pro does not require the ability to code any HTML or have your own website.

Vital Viral Pro’s unique coding allows you to track clicks or signups or even both! And allows you to include a banner of your choice on the same page as the page you choose to display. Add to that, a floating photo to brand yourself and your name (this is a must in internet marketing). You can also choose to include a text ad of your choice. This makes any affiliate page your own unique page.

Vital Viral Pro has also recently added banner tracking to the mix. So you can track all your banners too. Add to that the recent addition of banner rotators and you have a complete solution for using banners in traffic exchanges.

And a final addition, VitalViralPro also contains a downline builder for traffic exchanges and other valuable resource tools. This downline builder has helped many people build HUGE downlines over the past several years already. An excellent addition to your income streams! This truly makes VVP a valuable multiple-use tool for traffic exchange wants and needs.


Brian Rickert

Failed as a beach bum as a teen and got a job. Been a radio operator, proof reader, dishwasher, short order cook assistant, stock person, ranch hand, field worker, computer operator, billing analyst, and software engineer. That's IT! Time to follow my dream again composing and writing poems/lyrics/songs. Still have the desire, just not the location or the capital. Still dreaming of lying on the beach in San Diego and watching my internet business continue to grow in residual income. While I continue to follow my dreams...

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