I just found this blog post from the Hot Flash Hits ladies today called Banner Advertising Works

Funny that I just finished my What Is A Banner Ad ebook a few weeks ago and bought a bunch of start pages for this week hoping that I would have it set up in a rebranding site by now. Anyway, I have been promoting it pretty much by myself until I get the rebranding site up and running. And then I see the great article that Cathy added to their blog!

Such a coincidence that I rushed over and checked to see if the start page for tomorrow was available. Alas, it wasn’t but, I managed to get the login page. So if you read Cathy’s blog post today (the 3rd), or even read it tomorrow (the 4th) then check out my ebook. It’ll only cost you your name and email address and it’s very possible that you just might learn something. (And you can always take back your name and address if you decide you don’t want any more goodies from me.)

Not only do I cover the basics of setting up banner ads, with illustrations, for most of the more popular/major scripts, but I also threw in a few marketing strategies for banners and a few little tidbits that I’ve picked up over the years. And for the beginners or non-techies, I’ve included two (2) extra ebooks. I’m not going to spoil it by telling you everything now, but I introduce you to a few nifty FREE tools for adding your own photo or image to your own banners. (And give illustrated step by step instructions.)

But, hey! First read Cathy’s great blog right here before you login at HotFlashHits and surf there on the 4th. Then you can take a peek at my ebook if you want to learn more…

All the best,

Brian R.

Brian Rickert

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