Remember when you worked at a job? Maybe you still do. Ever notice how, when something went horribly wrong, it wasn’t usually just the action or inaction of one person that caused it? When everything was taken into account, there was usually this one thing that one person didn’t do. Then there was the one person who thought someone else would say something. Then there was the other person who thought it wouldn’t affect any outcome significantly. Etc.

Everything just seemed to snowball because of all the little actions and in-actions. Nobody thought all the little things would matter. But, when you add them all together, it spelled disaster.

The same holds true for marriages, families, and social groups. All the little actions or inactions snowball into a bad marriage and, quite possibly, a divorce. All the families where the children grow up to be anti-social or worse because of the actions and inactions of that family. The groups that go unchecked from within and turn into a pack of undesirables that nobody wants to associate with for fear of mental stress or  even actual physical harm. Just think about the groups in your own neighborhood, the “bad” part of town, the safe neighborhoods, the people you choose to avoid.

That’s a facet of the power of the Butterfly Effect. And with billions of people on this planet, the ripples caused by the Butterfly Effect can be widespread. Enter the internet where inhibitions are down, anonymity creates unaccountability, and so much is left to each individual to show their moral and ethical maturity in their business and personal dealings.

Network marketing is now based on branding. On showing who you are so that you can attract like minded people to grow in prosperity with you. This enables you to build a team to lead to more profitable and greater success for all concerned. Never forget that the Butterfly Effect is still around you, even, or especially, here on the internet.

And how do you identify the like minded? By what they say and how they say it. By their actions in their dealings with you. It’s your choice to choose who you associate with and what you allow within your sphere of influence. Who do you want to attract to you? Who do you want to avoid? The choice is yours and nobody else can take responsibility or accountability for it but you. Be yourself, choose for yourself, and make your ripples count for better – however you see it to be.

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Brian Rickert

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