Well, the Holiday Season is here again and lots of people will be shopping online. Are you? Will You? Well if you’re going to be spending the money anyway, then how about helping your friends earn some commissions?

Lots of people will be swarming to Amazon starting this week. Do you know a friend or colleague that is an affiliate? Why not earn them some commissions while you’re shopping? You don’t lose anything and will make them happy! Spread the joy and share the love!

All this week Amazon(dot)com has their Black Friday Week sales going on. And the 2012 Holiday sales have started for Christmas (or Hanukah or Quanza or whatever you celebrate) too.

So before you buy at Amazon, ask your friends if they are affiliates there. Some other online retailers may have affiliates too. Know an online store that has affiliates? You may have a friend or loved one that is an affiliate there.

There are several retail stores that are online and offer affiliate commission programs. Stores like Bloomingdales, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and even Walmart. Are any of your friends affiliates there?

And the big online ones you know of like Commission Junction and Clickbank have lots of items that someone may want for a present. (There are a zillion different companies that promote through Commission Junction.)

So before you shop online this year, check with your friends! You could give them an extra present just by using their affiliate link to shop! It doesn’t cost you anything and I’m positive that they’ll appreciate it!

If you don’t know someone, then there are 2 banners for Amazon right here on this blog. I would appreciate your support and I’m sure you’ll find some great deals.

If anyone reads this that is an affiliate for a particular online retailer then feel free to leave a post with the store name so your friends and colleagues can reach you to get your affiliate link. (Sorry, I won’t post the links here since I don’t know if there are any legal issues involved. Each store makes its own affiliate policies.) See a name you recognize? Give your friends a skype and get their affiliate link!

I’ll try to keep a close eye here so I can get any posts I need to approve done so as soon as possible. No illegal, adult, or otherwise offensive stores please. Pretend you’re advertising on a traffic exchange. (wink, wink)

Happy shopping and commissions to all!




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