So, have you noticed a change in the format of your inbox?

And you’ve seen the new gmail tabs/filters now? The tabs that show Primary, Social, and Promotions? (There are two others that are hidden already.)

Gmail Labs Has Struck!


So do you like the new filters that they imposed on you or…

Don’t want them? Want some of them?


At the end of the columns there is a plus (+) sign. Click on that just like you were opening a new tab.

Then you’ll see the settings for your new gmail filters.


Simply click in the boxes to remove the ones you don’t want. Then click on the save button. All the emails from the filters you didn’t want will now show in the primary inbox. And all the labels and filters that you have in place will function again to order those emails the way YOU wanted before this new change.

I hope that makes your life just a little bit easier. 🙂

All the best,

Brian R.

Brian Rickert

Failed as a beach bum as a teen and got a job. Been a radio operator, proof reader, dishwasher, short order cook assistant, stock person, ranch hand, field worker, computer operator, billing analyst, and software engineer. That's IT! Time to follow my dream again composing and writing poems/lyrics/songs. Still have the desire, just not the location or the capital. Still dreaming of lying on the beach in San Diego and watching my internet business continue to grow in residual income. While I continue to follow my dreams...

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