Wow, I finished reading Life’s Missing Instruction Manual by Dr. Joe Vitale the day I got it. It was easy reading and aptly subtitled (“The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth”).

So much wisdom and common sense. Add some real life stories and anecdotes to drive some of the points home. Other than some slightly technical psychological and philosophic language in the last third of the book, it could be read by anyone with a fifth grade education or less.

The stories and pearls of wisdom aren’t all from Joe.  Other contributors to the book include Indian sages, doctors, marketers, industrialists, and on and on. Throw in anecdotes about a few millionaires, billionaires, and A Hollywood actor and TV star.  People who have stuck in there and made their mark have some fantastic tidbits for you.

And I recommend it to anyone of any age. (I’ve already personally recommended it to one of my friends to share with her family.) Priceless information to help anyone figure things out.

In one of the emails I read in the past, Bob Proctor mentioned reading for fifteen to thirty minutes each day after rising. I’m going to try to do that with Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. Well, until I can quote it by heart. LOL

I had already started reading and working with some of Dr. Joe Vitale’s marketing books. So now my list will be even longer since I’m adding practically all the self improvement ones to the list now.  I’m not sure if you would really call them “self improvement”. More like figuring out life. Well, this one for sure!

I’ll review each one after I read them. (That way I’ll be sure to get one before somebody else snatches my copy!) So read Life’s Missing Instruction Manual by Dr. Joe Vitale and pass it on or recommend it to everyone you care about.

Brian Rickert

Failed as a beach bum as a teen and got a job. Been a radio operator, proof reader, dishwasher, short order cook assistant, stock person, ranch hand, field worker, computer operator, billing analyst, and software engineer. That's IT! Time to follow my dream again composing and writing poems/lyrics/songs. Still have the desire, just not the location or the capital. Still dreaming of lying on the beach in San Diego and watching my internet business continue to grow in residual income. While I continue to follow my dreams...

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