Betsy McCaughey's bookOkay, I haven’t read the whole book yet, but it was the one suggested to me as Betsy has ACTUALLY READ THE ENTIRE 2572 PAGE DOCUMENT. That’s her job, that’s what she does. Then she puts them into layman’s terms so we’ll all understand. She is also a constitutional scholar, patient advocate and former Lieutenant Governor of New York State.

The other books that I’ve found seem to be decent enough, though generally  more expensive. But I have not seen another book set to help you understand and figure out what YOU and YOUR family need to do or plan for where the author has actually READ the whole law.

Heck, none of the Politicians that voted for the damned thing have read it in it’s entirety!

Nowhere or when has Our U.S. Government ever intruded into our personal lives as it’s about to. From a government official (and NOT even the Surgeon General) telling YOUR doctor what’s best for you to reporting your family’s medical information to your employer and the IRS. And it already started back in 1994, when Betsy read the 1,362-page Clinton health bill and warned us U.S. citizens of the dangers it was leading to.

And it doesn’t matter who you are. Practically everyone will be affected: Seniors, young single workers, families, small business owners, large business owners, self employed entrepreneurs, LLC businesses online or offline, family dependents, doctors, nurses, and the list goes on and on. Seems like the few not affected are military and retired military persons.

For instance, did you know that some states have already refused to set up health insurance exchanges opting to let the Federal government take it on to be paid for by the Federal budget instead of the states’ budget? That may easily mean a delay in you getting qualified insurance. Did you know that your wait time for an appointment at YOUR doctor’s office, though it’s already getting longer and longer, will most likely increase by two to three weeks?

Do you know if your current health care plan provided by YOUR employer will qualify as an acceptable insurance plan? If it’s not, you’ll be searching for new health insurance! Or if your family coverage may be reduced to individual health coverage for JUST YOU?

Do you know if YOUR employer will opt to make all the positions part time instead of full time to avoid the nightmare of maintaining health benefits for YOU? OR if YOUR employer will flat-out just lay you off?  If you or anyone in your family works in the food service industry, that may well be the case.  (Did you know that Chili’s plans to lay off all their bus persons come 2014?)

I’m currently at Chapter 7 of 15 chapters. Already my head is swimming with all the implications of what is happening, happened, and is going to happen VERY SOON! I actually try NOT to read this book before going to bed. It’s scarier than any Stephen King novel I’ve ever read!

I could go on and on just based on the chapters I’ve already read. Let’s just say it’s strongly in your best interest to know what’s here and what’s coming just around the bend. I’ve added Betsy’s writings to the normal widget to the left to help you get a line on your situation and what you need to do.


It ain’t no Y2K scare — This is the real deal. From infant to nursing home resident, most everyone is going to be affected somehow, someway.


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