In life, failure is always a risk. There is no 100% guarantee that anything you do will be a success. Life is like that!

When you let the portent of failure stop you from trying, then you have truly failed beyond recovery. Well, unless you change your mind and try again. Or maybe discover that you really didn’t want the results you would have achieved had you succeeded. Not everything you think of doing is of true value to you in the long run.

But, the point is, life is full of failures of one sort or another. So… So what if you fail? You can try again and again and again…

If the goal is one that you truly desire, then you WILL keep trying until you achieve it. Inspired desire will win as long as you have it.

Here’s a few people you might just recognize that failed yet continued on toward their desires. Be in good company!


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Brian Rickert

Failed as a beach bum as a teen and got a job. Been a radio operator, proof reader, dishwasher, short order cook assistant, stock person, ranch hand, field worker, computer operator, billing analyst, and software engineer. That's IT! Time to follow my dream again composing and writing poems/lyrics/songs. Still have the desire, just not the location or the capital. Still dreaming of lying on the beach in San Diego and watching my internet business continue to grow in residual income. While I continue to follow my dreams...

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