The new wave in autoresponder support, service, and price is Trafficwave.

There are many reviews out there in regard to autoresponder software. Many professional internet marketers eventually pick Aweber. Deliverability rate is often the selling point for Aweber. Getresponse is the closest competition that Aweber seems to have. So if you do not sign up for Aweber, then your only other logical choice most likely will be Getresponse.

Both companies have been around since 1998. Aweber seems to have more agreements with Internet Service Providers to allow their traffic through. A part of this is allowed due to the tools that Aweber provides to its members to analyze their emails for SPAM content.

Both Aweber and Getresponse get praises for their customer service. Customers lean toward Aweber for ease of use, though. Customers also lean toward Aweber for all the analytical tools available for the customers.

From a price point, Aweber recently changed to a tiered pricing structure that limits your list to 500 members for their lowest price. From this aspect, Getresponse may seem to have edged out Aweber. But they do not according to many reviews. Deliverability seems to remain the top consideration and Aweber keeps slightly winning that contest between the two.

I have used Aweber and find it easy to use and priced comfortably for starting out. However, I have also used TrafficWave and found it as easy to use as Aweber. This is where some of the similarity ends, though. As your list grows, you will be forced to pay increased prices with Aweber and now Getresponse. Not so with TrafficWave. TrafficWave has one single affordable price for any sized list. Where there used to be a specter about the deliverability of TrafficWave, that misunderstanding has been cleared. Deliverability for TrafficWave has been found to be comparable with Aweber and Getresponse. And Brian Rooney, the owner of TrafficWave is busy increasing the functional and analytic processes in TrafficWave to greater depths.

Recently several top marketers have been starting to switch to TrafficWave for a more service oriented philosophy toward traffic exchange and safelist marketing. Some of my mentors use Aweber and some use Getresponse. However, several are now switching over to TrafficWave for this reason. Add to that the better commission structure and MLM type commissions available for TrafficWave users, and you can realize not only quality service and usability, but also a nice residual income as well.

If you want to take all the time to do your own due diligence in regard to autoresponder software, then please do so. From my own due diligence and personal experience, I am recommending TrafficWave. There is also a complete set of videos and training instructions included with TraficWave. There is a free 30 day trial period for those who want to “test drive” TrafficWave first. (You cannot make any commissions as a free member, however.)

Brian Rickert

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