How much help for your work at home business do you want? You cannot get any more than this!

Before I explain just what Affiliate Funnel can and will do for you, I may need to explain just what a marketing funnel is. A marketing funnel works like this:

Prospects are encouraged to sign up with a free or low cost offer. Some will continue on to buy higher cost products and/or programs. The top of the marketing funnel is wider, filled with all the people that sign up for the free or low cost items. The bottom of the marketing funnel gets narrower, as less and less people pay for higher priced products and/or programs. It is always necessary to keep filling the top of the marketing funnel with new prospects to get more and more people to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Affiliate Funnel is set up to allow you to have your own marketing funnel for your own affiliate program. They supply the funnel while you still promote your affiliate program, creating traffic sources from the viral list builder within Affiliate Funnel and the traffic exchanges and safelists located in that list builder. This also helps you generate income from the programs and products already in Affiliate Funnel. Once you fill in your affiliate id’s into the viral lists, any commissions owed are paid to you!

There are also seminars led and attended by several high earners in the internet marketing field. These seminars are completely free and live so that you can get your answers directly from them on a one-on-one basis. These seminars are highly recommended for building your work at home business. They played a big role in helping people like Sunny Suggs and William Brant get where they are today!

The seminars, forum, and lessons located within Affiliate Funnel are constantly reviewed to provide you the best and most current information. The traffic sources listed in Affiliate Funnel are voted on, allowing users to show which is working best for them. This information is updated each week to keep you current on which sources are working best. There is also a guide, in PDF format, to help you use Affiliate Funnel to your best advantage.


Brian Rickert

Failed as a beach bum as a teen and got a job. Been a radio operator, proof reader, dishwasher, short order cook assistant, stock person, ranch hand, field worker, computer operator, billing analyst, and software engineer. That's IT! Time to follow my dream again composing and writing poems/lyrics/songs. Still have the desire, just not the location or the capital. Still dreaming of lying on the beach in San Diego and watching my internet business continue to grow in residual income. While I continue to follow my dreams...

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