Founded in 2002, Host Gator is one of the top web hosting companies, consistently ranked among the best by most review sites.

Host Gator currently boasts over two million domains being hosted. One of the primary reasons for that is their exemplary customer service. Support issues are usually resolved in a matter of hours. They have over two hundred employees and their customer service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Their customer service is available via the support ticket system, a live chat support system, and a user forum. Any time you have a problem with the regular support, you can even ask that your ticket be assigned to the owner, Brent Oxley, for his personal attention. (Is this service or what?)

Besides customer service, availability is one of the major considerations when choosing a web hosting provider for your domain. Host Gator has had a 99.9 percent up time guarantee for years. I cannot quote their actual availability percentages for the past few years but, I have never noticed any downtime in the past three years that I have had at least one account there.

All of the hosting packages now have unlimited space and bandwidth, another key factor in hosting. What this means to you is that you will not run out of room adding pages to your account and will not lose customer views due to high customer activity. This is within reason, of course. You should not expect to get 10 million views a day on the hatchling (smallest package) and not experience some problems!

Host Gator also has most of the features that experienced domain owners want. CPanel being one of the most popular. I will not go into all the features now, since, if you do not already have a hosting account somewhere, then you will not understand what those features do. The site has all that information available if you want to check out all the features.

Pricing is moderately inexpensive. You can find hosting cheaper elsewhere, but you will most likely get what you pay for! The prices listed on the compare page on the site are for yearly subscriptions. The standard monthly prices are 2 dollars more each. (This is still very reasonable as there is no contract requirement.)

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