So I was clicking credit links and kept coming across this banner that was obviously being resized. Meaning the owner submitted an image that was not the 468×60 pixels required for that size of a banner.

I thought to myself, “That person definitely could use the help of my “What Is A Banner Ad” report! So I submit these excerpts and rewrites from my ebook for anyone’s help. Hopefully the person who submitted that banner will see this post.

Most traffic exchanges allow you to use only one size for your
banner image. That size is 468 pixels long (wide) and 60 pixels high.

Do not, under any circumstances submit any sizes other than that!
Unless, of course, the site accepts 125 by 125 pixel banners. Make
sure that you are submitting the right size banner for the right
option. (More sites are starting to allow the 125×125 “box” banners now.)

Most, if not all, sites will show your banner image as soon as you click
the “add” button. For the few that do not, it is even more critical that
you check the image yourself.

Most of the scripts that traffic exchanges use DO NOT resize your
banner image to fit the area. Some may accept your image, but the
image is all stretched out to the point of making it completely
unreadable or unrecognizable. Others will simply not display the

If the image URL is actually entered incorrectly, you will usually see a little red/white or black/white “broken” box in the upper left hand corner of the banner instead of the image. Like the image below:


The banner in my video below was definitely one that was resized by the site where it was submitted. Is it yours? Do any of yours look like that?

I’m guessing that they submitted a splash page-sized image to get that kind of distortion during the resizing.

You can get a copy of  my report here for your banner help.


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